Ten of the Best Charity WordPress Themes

If you own or manage the online presence of a charity organization then you probably need a theme that will help you market their services to a much wider audience.

What sort of theme would be best for a charity organization?

Below you will find the best selection of themes that follow these guidelines:

- easy customization

- high-quality professional design

- affordable price

- seo optimization built in the theme.

- responsive design (delivers a great design for people browsing from mobile devices)

- built in features created for charities (like  donation buttons)

These are themes specifically created for charity foundations worldwide that use the WordPress platform:

[BOT id="1"]The following free themes are created for non profit foundations too:


This is a free theme offered by Theme Kingdom that has everything you need to run a charity organisation and also showcase the important stuff about your activities. It includes:

-paypal integration which you can use to easily get donations,

-contact form built for charities,

-photoshop files which you can easily customize.

It could be easily sold for $39 but they are offering it for free…


View demo here!


Premium Themes Selection:

1. Mission Responsive WordPress Theme - View it here!

This is a premium based template designed specifically for charities and foundations interested in having a great website with a responsive design. ( A contact form is included with every purchase)

One of the standout traits of this WordPress theme is the fact that it has been upgraded to a point where it has a fixed slider designed to hold the title in place and prevent it from collapsing because it is not as long as would have been desired.


2. Relief Responsive WordPress Theme - View it here!

Charity organizations need to design blogs or websites which are easy to navigate while sharing as much information as possible regarding what they are involved with. And this is where Relief Responsive WordPress Theme comes in quite handy. This theme comes equipped with 5 color schemes. When you use it, you will be able to do everything that you want using it within a period of not more than 5 minutes. It’s also fully responsive.


3. WordPress Aid View it here!

This is a WordPress theme which makes it possible for you to raise funds for your charity organization and share information regarding what is happening all over the world. It has a translation ready tool in addition to easy logo customization feature and other features include unlimited color options and a donations ticker which has a call to action. It allows you to include an alert feature to inform people about emergencies when and where they occur.


4. Give Charity Responsive WordPress Theme View it here!

When you want to bless your organization with a fresh brand, it would be good to use a WordPress theme known as Give Charity. While it also features a responsive design, this is helped a great deal by the fact that the theme emphasise the content and events which the charity organization is involved in.

Moreover, it features several supports for video, slideshow, image and standard.


5. Outreach Charity WordPress Theme View it here!

What the Outreach Charity WordPress theme gives you is 6 accent colors, two body styles, and areas where auto-sizing widgets are located. It also contains translate to any language localized tool, not to forget the fact that it is a highly responsive theme. This theme contains embeds which make it easy to enjoy services such as YouTube or Vimeo. It has a feature known as retina display ready. It has features which simplify the process of collecting emails and other contact details of your readers or supporters.


 6. Fundraising/Charity Premium WordPress Theme View it here!

Just as its name suggests, this is a very powerful WordPress theme for charity organizations which seek to collect funds for various causes. It allows the users to create different causes and share them with their readers or supporters. It contains an integrated donation system that allows the users to encourage their visitors to respond to some call for action. The design of the Fundraising/Charity Premium WordPress Theme is responsive.


7. DonateNow WordPress Theme View it here!

The DonateNow WordPress theme for charity organizations is Retina ready and responsive. Likewise, it features a 2 cause template for the user to choose what they think is most suited for their charity. There are approximately 600 Google fonts to choose from depending on taste and preference. Moreover, you are given the opportunity to work with close to 256 icons, not forgetting the header styles, image border styles, button styles, and layout styles which come in fours.


8. Charity Theme View it here!

When you want to set up a blog or website for your charity in a jiffy, you will need to get your hands on a WordPress theme which is easy to use and makes your work very easy, and none fits the bill perfectly as much as Charity. Not only will you get to enjoy image carousel with this theme, but built-in ad zones, and a custom image widget will are other features you will come to notice too. Its WPML is not only ready but localized as well. If you love working with custom widgets, this theme has three additional ones to select.


9. Kindness WordPress Theme View it here!

If you ever carry out a search for the best WordPress themes for charity organizations, you are likely to come across Kindness WP. It supports post formats, and is displayed very clearly on any device regardless of screen resolutions. Its variety of short codes is wide and non-complicated, while the widgets are quite amazing. Kindness gives you the power to set up your site within minutes. The admin panel on this theme is powerful, while the inclusion of a form builder, slider manager, and other impressive tools is designed to make the work easier.


10. Non-Profit WordPress Theme View it here!


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